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SOSTECA’s solutions

SOSTECA has a variety of solutions for you to use. Some of them are sector-specific, while the others are for cross-usage. Those apps are the result of SOSTECA‘s bet in order to generate their own intellectual property which materializes itself through a bunch of innovative projects financed with our own resources.
Here you have some of our available solutions:

Information Diffusion to mobiles

We send the information you want to your clients

Automatized Recipe Formulator

We created possible combinations and evaluate their characteristics


To help in the generation of your monthly facturation, in the blink of an eye!

Automatized Web Tracker

Define your informational objective and track it down periodically automatically


Solutions & services

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Sosteca's commitment

"Offering the best solution possible considering your necessities, in the arranged time and with direct support. We walk by your side through your evolution and future development."

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