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We develop your projects

SOSTECA‘s developing team is available for intern improvement projects, innovative inversion projects, and client projects.

The developing team workflow keeps in track with the last standards in developing metodologies worldwide, project management as well as team and architectural support techniques standards.

We develop under a continuos integration, following fast developing metodologies as SCRUM, SPICE and the standards set by PMI (Project Management Institute).

We bet for Microsoft’s technologies

SOSTECA bets for Microsoft technology due to its recognition as a reliable and secure technology nowadays. We use Microsoft .NET / Core as the base of our developments and Visual Studio / Visual Studio Team Services as the tools to build our apps.

Developed projects typology

The variety of projects we can afford to develop technologically is wide, being able to make multiplatform projects with different approaches.

Desktop Applications


Web applications

APIs / Webservices

Apps - Mobility

System Integration

Developing technologies

SOSTECA works with different technologies. Some of them are:


We work in Integrated Development Environments (IDEs):

  • VISUAL STUDIO for .NET environments.

In applications:

  • HTML, Java Script and CSS for client side developing.
  • ASP for server side developing.
  • C# as main programming language.

The majority of software plaftorms as:

  • Windows and LINUX for web and desktop applications.
  • Android and IOS for mobiles.

Our main BD:

  • Payment BD: SQL Server.
  • Open Source BD: PostgreSQL, MySQL.


We work with modern tools which allows us to develop our solutions under the perfect circumstances (being able to guarantee the max fiability and add-ons the client may need.

Agile Metodology which allows continous results and faster delivery

Solutions which improve the code’s quality and the anticipated error detection rate

Automatized deployments to the end platforms, implementing Deployment and Continous Integration

Colaborative environments with all the project roles needed present

With continuous information to delete bottle-necks which improves productivity

Production continous control, to improve costs management, capacity control and deadlines control

Idea to reality”, supervising the evolution of the project until its start up

Tools to make manual, automatic and stress tests

GIT code repositories which allows us to control, subdivide and manage the code of the APP

SOSTECA‘s developing process goes through different stages, were different quality tests are made:

⦁ We develop different characteristics

⦁ Everything we compile is continously being tested (Continous integration) and verify all the defined unitary tests

⦁ If it passes, then all the automated acceptation tests defined are made and tested

⦁ If it passes, we then make and test all the user acceptance tests

⦁ When each stage is done, we make a prototype end version of the product

SOSTECA‘s team implements every stage of the application’s life-cycle:

PLanification: We organize each part to develop
Development and test: We implement solutions and test them to our hearts content
Continous Delivery: All development made goes into production
Analysis: We analyze our development process as well as the tool made and repeat the cycle with improvements

Offered Services

The services we offer are organized in 3 areas.

Dedicated development (Open Scope)

Our team focuses in developing your needs with agile metodology and continous tracing which allows us to guarantee effectiveness.

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Closed Price Projects (Closed Scope)

If there is a specification of your tool, with clear guidelines, we will work under this type of project.

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Testing Services (Third-party apps)

We check already made applications, developped by others, following our own work and testflow build through years of experience.

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Solutions & services

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Sosteca's commitment

"Offering the best solution possible considering your necessities, in the arranged time and with direct support. We walk by your side through your evolution and future development."

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