Closed Price Project (Closed Scope)

We make your custom project

A team to make your project become a reality

When should you take this approach?

If there exists a clear and focused vision of the project

The complexity of interfaces in other systems are well-known

If the solution to implement is already written, closed and specified

If you expect your updates in time

If you want to follow a closed contractual philosophy, accepting that we will need to manage de desviations, changes, etc.

SOSTECA will execute your plan, putting at your disposal all the power of their development capacity

Service Characteristics

SOSTECA executes your project following this characteristics:

We follow a "Waterfall" development philosophy where we keep closing stages following the project directives

We assign each and every rol needed. (Project leader, developers, testers, designers...) with the capacity to finish in time

We use SCRUM methodology (2 week sprints, daily meetings and revisions...) establishing intermediate goals

We make a document with all the work that needs to be done (DoW). While the project is ongoing, we don't stop at writing each desviation may occur, in order to keep the timing and prices as accurate as we can.

There are meetings periodically where we inform of the development current state

Solutions which comply “Costs, Deadlines and Quality”


Solutions & services

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Sosteca's commitment

"Offering the best solution possible considering your necessities, in the arranged time and with direct support. We walk by your side through your evolution and future development."

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