Growth support of your organization with innovation

SOSTECA believes in innovation as a driver of change and evolution of society and organizations.

In SOSTECA are committed to implementation of the innovation process in a structured and continuous way, so we follow the guidelines set in the Spanish reference standards as it is the UNE 166000 about R&D&i management.

Innovation is conceived as the element of aid to the growth of the organization. Therefore, SOSTECA dedicated a team that is in charge of promoting it and it provides resources for their effective development.

Implementation of the innovation policy

The values upon which we build our policy of innovation are:


Effective overlapping on the day of the organization.


Presence in spaces of innovation. Hence our presence in the scientific and technological park of Lleida.


Networking and collaboration as element of change, actively participating in associations, business organizations and platforms.


Internacionalizacion: As lever of growth and vision for the future.


The business, driver of innovation decisions. Applies an extreme vision end to end, where the ultimate goal is the commercialization of the results.


SOSTECA has international and especially European vocation. This vision is put at your disposal to increase opportunities for collaboration and joint critical mass at European level. The internationalization strategy is about generating a network of partners at European level, taking advantage of existing networks of innovation and European programmes of support for innovation and new technologies.

For this is monitored and is present in various European forums, to get the networking and opportunities that make possible the objective. Examples include:

· EEN network (European Enterprise Network).
· H2020 program Networking networks.
· INFO DAYS specific programmes.

Financing innovation

No innovation project of the organization or its customers can be stopped for financial reasons. When credit capacity, profitability, or the investment capacity can be a problem, is used to support programs of fi


Autonomic Agents. Financing to support the company (ACCIÓ in the case of Catalonia).


Ministry of industry, tourism and energy. Through their lines of action around the Digital Agenda.


Ministry of economy and competitiveness as head of State aid for R&D&i.


CDTI: Agency with special focus to helping the company.


European level programs like H2020, EUREKA, EUROSTARS, LIFE, ERANETs, etc.

Management of innovation projects

SOSTECA helps the definition and execution of your innovative project. When you want to have a project financed by funding agencies, all the necessary documentation will be generated.


Manage the various stages of the project for its success in terms of quality, cost and time.


Follow the guidelines of the UNE 166000 and standards of project management as the Project Management Institute.


SOSTECA helps in the preparation of documentation, both during the presentation of the project and in the justification of helping (technical and administrative level).


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Sosteca's commitment

"Offering the best solution possible considering your necessities, in the arranged time and with direct support. We walk by your side through your evolution and future development."

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