Automatic Recipe Formulator

We make all the possible combinations and we evaluate their characteristics
– Manual Mode
– Automatic Mode/p>

Systematize your recipebook

Every business who works in the food sector makes his own recipes and has to convey with the label laws. The design and innovation departments evaluate new recipes which could like to the customers continously. Our service has every data you may need thanks to working with official food databases recognised legally and internationally.

Intelligent Formulator

Pick the objective characteristics of your product, input the limitations you want (minimum carbohydrates content, maximum fats or sugar, etc…) and the system will show all the possible combinations which convey with your parameters.

Manual Formulator

Configure your recipe, extract the characteristics from the database and evaluate the final results.

Recipe documentator

Configure your recipe, extract its characteristics from the DB and generate the documentation with the information needed for your business.

For who?

businesses of the food sector which use product formulators.
They may be the owners of the final product, or intermediaries; even I+D laboratories.

Problems which solves

Avoid having to manually input the information through “super Excels”

Accessing an official DB, with a big volume of ingredients

There is no way to search combinations of parameters without a specific software for it

Agile and direct cration of information for label or other purposes


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