Dedicated Team Projects (Open Scope)

Flexible and agile development following your needs

A dedicated team compromised with your solution

When do you have to take this approach?

The objectives of your project are dynamic and may vary in the near future

When you doesn't have the specification closed

When you think that you will have new specifications and modifications continously

When you want to focus your efforts in the development. avoiding to spend innecessary resources

When you trust in agile development philosophies, like SCRUM

SOSTECA’s team will align with the objectives of your business

We write down all the specifics the client wants to develop (backlog)

We assign a team with each role necessary (Project leader, desvelopers, testers, designers...) and with provided capabilities

We make 2-3 week sprints, assigning to the period a certain amount of requirements to execute

We make daily meetings in SOSTECA in order to map our developments with a specific tool (Visual Studio Team Services) where the client can look our process

At the end of the sprint, we send you everything we finished for you to evaluate it and, so, giving us feedback to improve in the next one


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Sosteca's commitment

"Offering the best solution possible considering your necessities, in the arranged time and with direct support. We walk by your side through your evolution and future development."

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