Technology for business, business for technology

Boost your efficiency, fiability and speed of your processes avoiding all the elements that are not enough integrated to the main tool.

SOSTECA helps you improve your systems adding solutions to help with your needs, being able to personalize almost everything you need.

Check your own processes

Evaluate your oportunitys of growth thanks to the incorporation of solutions which will automatize your workflow.

Possible ambits:

Administration and management


Human Resources management

Intern communication

System interconnection

Automatized processes

Environments capable of improvement

in every business processes:

Management Scorecard

Visually monitor all your indicators of business, in an easy and updated way

Business Alerts

Implant management through exception, acting when the alerts are generated

Interconnection between Business

Integration with other business in order to improve our efficiency

Integrated billing reception.

Group all your bills in the same spot to process them fast

Distributed team management

Manage all your field employees, to obtain max productivity.

Intranet communication

It helps your business to access all the information and tools you need

Cross improvements

Together with every specific process improvement, there are also “cross” improvements which help you boost your employees and processes capabilites. In this context, SOSTECA will help you giving you the chance to improve your movility, your content management, etc.

Corporate Movility

Access the information of your field employees with your own systems

Business Processes

Define and standarize your processes in order to achieve efficiency

Content Management

Manage your content, improving your querys and workflow


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Sosteca's commitment

"Offering the best solution possible considering your necessities, in the arranged time and with direct support. We walk by your side through your evolution and future development."

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