Information diffusion to mobiles

We send the information you wish to your clients
– Crossplatform
– Access control

Mobile access to key information

Nowadays the mobile phone is a must have for everyone in our society. Having at your disposal solutions which send the information you want to your users, helps improve the communication with them. This allows you to open new services and overflow with transparency. It’s a key element to your business. Some of its characteristics are:

CrossPlatform: IOS and Android

Allows authenticated access

Database data accessible, being able to connect it with any system the admin allows

Document access

Notifications "Push" and reminders via email to reinforce the service

Available 24x7x365 through SOSTECA's own infrastructure

For who?

Any organization which is interested in distributing information to their key people (Clients, partners, key users, administrators…) or allowing remote actions.

Use Cases

Our users will interact continously with the organization which offers the service, being at your disposal services as:

Consulting sales

Consulting bills

Consulting product information

Order realization

Ask for support

…A long list of use examples, all of them opened to tweaks to fit in your business


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Sosteca's commitment

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